Maintaining long-term oral health through systematic dental prophylaxis


Since the 1970’s, it has been scientifically proven that so-called “Professional Hygiene” can prevent dental loss. Professional dental hygiene is necessary to ensure your oral health and to maintain the long-term viability of already existing dental restoration (such as dental implants). Professional dental hygiene also helps prevent cavities, chronic inflammation of the periodontal apparatus (periodontitis), and infection of existing dental implants.

For those with dental implants, detailed care and a thorough cleaning of the implants are especially important. Your own daily oral hygiene routine is also vitally important for your dental implant!

Equally important are regular check-ups with the dentist. During these visits, implants, teeth, and gums are checked and professionally cleaned. Especially areas that are difficult to reach on your own at home are cleaned during these sessions. Professional implant cleaning and dental hygiene is more involved and takes a little longer than regular teeth cleanings. It requires the use of more complex equipment and should therefore only be performed by specialty-trained personnel.

What is the process of a dental hygiene appointment?

First, the dental hygienist conducts a thorough examination of you dentition. Various oral hygiene parameters as well as existing pocket depths around your teeth are documented. Plaque and tartar above and blow the gum line are removed using gentle ultrasonic instruments, followed by further cleaning with specialty manual instruments. Subsequently, the pockets of teeth and implants are carefully cleaned once more using the latest powder jet technology. With this Air-Flow® system, teeth and the spaces between teeth are gently and efficiently cleaned with a jet of compressed air, water, and fine powder particles. This modern and highly-efficiently biofilm treatment is of great significance to your overall oral health. The hygienist then removes tooth stains, polishes dental surfaces, and subsequently fluoridates your teeth with concentrated materials.

At our center, we employ only highly-qualified and specialty-trained dental hygienists. They are experts in their field and receive continuous training and education. Working in close collaboration with the dentists, hygienists assume a significant part of the diagnosis, advise the patient on oral care, and recognize when additional measures requiring the expertise of the dentist are needed.

Regular prophylaxis appointments at our practice are an important part of your oral health, allowing you to protect your teeth on a long-term basis!

Given your hectic schedule, it is easy to lose track of appointments, so we have developed a reminder system for your support.