The mastery of dental implantology does not end with surgery. Prostheses for teeth and implants are a decisive factor in the long-term success of dental care. Expertise in implant prosthetics requires many years of experience, extensive education, and continuous further development. Only committed, perfectly-trained prosthodontists who are aware of their responsibility are successful. Prosthodontic treatment is a decisive factor that is often overlooked or, in many cases, regarded as a big expense. Don’t forget: the best prosthodontists now come from Germany!

Due to our comprehensive education and training, we not only have expertise in surgical implantology, but also in the extensive and important field of dental prosthetics. For many years, we have been setting new standards in the area of implant prosthetics. We are repeatedly invited to present our techniques and results in lectures at universities, dental chambers, and national or international conferences. We conducted important follow-up studies on our prosthetic solutions with the universities of Munich and Berlin. These clinical research studies were published in international and renowned specialty journals for dental experts.

Perfect dental prostheses are impressive through their natural look and high-grade materials such as zirconium dioxide or lithium disilicate. 

We have been reconstructing our patients’ dentition with metal-free ceramics for many years. Full ceramic reconstructions have many advantages over metal-supported solutions. They are more biocompatible with the surrounding tissue and, depending on technology, are more resistant to breakage or chipping. Dark crown edges have been a thing of the past at our practice for more than ten years.

To ensure your health, our highest priories are quality, aesthetics, and function. At our practice, implantation and implant prosthetics go hand in hand. Not all prosthodontic treatment is created equal. The majority of unsuccessful dental work fails due to insufficient prosthodontics. Prosthodontic treatment is undergoing vast changes; it is getting increasingly more technical: CAD/CAM processes are becoming commonplace and significantly improving quality. Modern prosthodontics cannot exist without these processes.

As dentists, we are actively involved in this subject, as the responsibility for prosthodontic work lies with us! This is why we select only the strongest partners for reconstructions. We only work with the best dental technicians who meet our high quality requirements. Outstanding people achieve outstanding results! This is also why we have a respective prosthodontics lab available in Munich for every patient case. We collaborate with various master laboratories; each has its own special area of strength that we can implement on a targeted basis.