Microsurgery – gentle treatment of the most delicate structures

Bones and soft tissue in the oral cavity are of the most delicate nature. Accordingly, these structures must be handled with a great deal of sensitivity in every treatment intervention.

In our microsurgeries, we not only use optical magnification, but also specialty microsurgical instruments that differ vastly from regular equipment in the operating room. Minimally-traumatizing interventions require the finest forceps for handling soft tissue and specialty instrumentation for gentle bone surgery.

Advancements in scientific knowledge have led to new techniques in treatment that now form the basis of microsurgery. In our training and continuous education, we have learned the most minute structures of human anatomy. We have acquired the latest knowledge regarding tissue blood supply, which makes minimally-invasive, gentle interventions possible in the first place. Consistent implementation of surgical procedures and suturing techniques ensures safe wound healing. What minimally-invasive, microsurgical intervention means to you is that the incision will be as small as possible. Smaller wounds heal more quickly and generally cause fewer complications. Wound healing following surgery proceeds with fewer problems and aesthetically optimal results can be achieved.

We use the finest suturing materials that were designed for opthalmology. These are virtually invisible to the naked eye and play a decisive role in wound care for visible areas. In light of special surgical procedures and the finest suturing techniques, operations even in visible areas can be virtually without scars. Avoiding the development of scar tissue is important as scars can often be disruptive or cause problems later on.

Consistent implementation of the latest precision technology is what makes our highly-specialized approach to achieving long-term solutions and aesthetically optimal results possible.