Our core competencies are dental implantology and periodontology.

Our services at a glance

Due to our size and years of experience, our modern dental practice can provide you with the complete spectrum of cosmetic dentistry as well as our core competencies, implant surgery and periodontics. All of our services reflect the highest scientific standards.

We are a treatment center and, on account of our many years of experience, we are able to provide you with a total spectrum of care. Treatment is focused on achieving a long-term, sustainable, and natural-looking result that meets our high standards in quality and aesthetics. Regaining a part of your quality of life is our goal.

Implant surgery

Function and aesthetics in implantology are the priorities of our practice. In addition to precisely-executed surgical technique, the respective dental materials used are another deciding factor in achieving excellent aesthetic results. Tissue replacement, surgical technique, and prosthetic implementation combined with the latest dental procedures brings a perfect result. The best implants are those you cannot tell are implants. We only use implants from renowned manufacturers.

The following provides detailed information about our services in implant surgery.

Instant implants

When placed by an expert, so-called instant implants present a safe and painless alternative to traditional implants. New surgical techniques and especially-long implants used in this process allow you to avoid time-consuming bone regeneration and the long healing process associated with it. This method can be used to close individual spaces between teeth or supply an entire jaw with teeth. Additional information about our specialty area: instant implants

Dental implants

Your own teeth cannot be replaced . . . except with an implant. Implants made from well-tolerated titanium or zirconium can assume the function of an artificial dental root. In this manner, individual spaces may be filled or several teeth replaced. Dental implants have many benefits: they are fixed and secure; they have no dietary restrictions; they are painless, and they feel like your own teeth. No one can distinguish an implant from natural teeth. Not even you. You no longer need to worry about anything shifting or falling out when speaking or laughing. Additional information about our specialty area: dental implants

Sinus lift

A sinus lift is necessary whenever the residual bone of the upper jaw is reduced in height, for example through expansion of the maxillary sinus. In many cases, this residual bone height no longer exists due to anatomical reasons or previous loss of tooth or bone material. The minimum height thus must be restored surgically. The floor of the maxillary sinus must therefore be moved higher (“Sinus lift”).

With an “organic sinus lift”, one’s own, natural bone regeneration can be achieved. This revolutionary method does not use any foreign materials for bone regeneration. The maxillary sinus is built up prior to the procedure with the patient’s own bone graft.

Additional information about our specialty area: sinus lift and organic sinus lift

Bone construction

When teeth are lost, the body breaks down the bone mass that is no longer weight bearing. Implantation requires a sufficient amount of bone volume. Today, a deficiency in bone mass can be corrected via several methods. Which method is best suited for you is something we will be able to discuss with you immediately following your first exam. Options range from bone replacement materials to your own bone.

Cosmetic dentistry

Due to our size and many years of experience, we can provide you with virtually the entire spectrum of modern general dentistry at the highest scientific standards. The maintenance of your oral health throughout your lifetime is in the forefront. The goal is to achieve healthy and beautiful teeth with healthy gums. The flawless functioning of your teeth with an aesthetically-pleasing, natural-looking result is the goal of every treatment plan. Additionally, we want to give you a beautiful, white smile. Our therapies are based on the current standards of university research. Read the following to learn more about the possibilities of modern cosmetic dentistry.


The chronic infection of the periodontal apparatus (periodontitis) is a widespread infectious disease. Periodontitis is often detected between the ages of 35 to 50. The first signs of the disease can be detected much earlier by a dentist. Untreated, this chronic infection leads to destruction of the jaw bone and tooth loss. But if periodontitis is recognized early on, it can be treated effectively!

Additional information about or specialty area: periodontics

Tooth replacement / prosthetics

Good dental prosthetics not only achieve a natural look, but also consist of high-grade materials. To ensure your health, our highest priories are quality, aesthetics, and function. At our practice, implantation and implant prosthetics go hand in hand. We only work with the best dental technicians who meet our high quality requirements.

Additional information about tooth replacement and prosthetics


Our treatment is based on microsurgical principles. Our highly specialized work with the goal of long-lasting and aesthetically-pleasing results is made possible by the consistent implementation of the latest precision techniques. By using operating microscopes, we can recognize structures that are not visible to the naked eye. By using only the finest instruments and materials, wound size is minimized and treatment is significantly less invasive.

Function analysis

Your teeth, mandibular joint, and masticatory musculature present a complex system. The purpose of the function analysis is to create harmony and alignment within the masticatory system. Dysfunction in this highly sensitive system can lead to pain in the mandibular joint, and also cause headaches, ear, neck, and back pain.

X-ray / DVT

To aid in detailed diagnoses and for three-dimensional treatment planning, we generally use digital volume tomography (DVT), a three-dimensional imaging tomography process that uses x-rays. We have many years of expertise in digital volume tomography and train colleagues in DVT specialty courses.

Additional information about digital volume tomography (DVT)

Anesthesia / Sedation

By request, we can treat you under outpatient general anesthesia or full sedation at our practice. You will always be cared for by an anesthesiologist with many years of experience. In this area, we have worked in close collaboration with the exprienced team of Dr. Monika Mirlach for many years. For more complex surgeries and patients who are anxious, the outpatient general anesthesia is a soothing, painfree, and anxiety-free alternative. Anesthesia is administered following the latest guidelines of anesthesiological specialty organizations. Only the best-tolerated anesthesiological products titrated specifically to the patient are used in a gentle anesthesia process.

Additional information about anesthesia.

Dental hygene / prophylaxis

At our center, we employ only highly-qualified and specialty-trained dental hygienists. They are experts in their field and receive continuous training and education. In close cooperation with the dentists, hygienists assume a significant part of the diagnostic process. They can provide guidance to the patient individually and are in a position to recognize when additional measures need to be taken by the dentist. Regular prophylaxis appointments at our practice are an important part of your oral health, allowing you to protect your teeth on a long-term basis!

Additional information about dental hygiene and prophylaxis


All our treatments in our practice aim to produce a sustainable, long-term, and natural-looking result that meets or hight standards in quality and aesthetics. In addition to the flawless functioning of your teeth, we also want to provide you with a white, beautiful smile. Applying veneers onto the teeth in the front area of your mouth is a simple, uncomplicated, and gentle means of significantly improving the look of your teeth.


Of course, the functionality and health of your teeth come first and present the basis of any dental care plan. However, in addition to the flawless functioning of your teeth, we also want to give you a beautiful, white smile. Using gentle whitening processes, we can bring your natural, white tooth color back to life.