Fixed third teeth using 4 implants and no bone graft

Diagnosis & planning for your fixed third teeth

For diagnostic purposes, we develop a digital volume tomogram at our practice. This x-ray imagine gives us detailed, 3-dimensional views of the anatomy of your jaw.

Using a specialized surgical planning program, the placement of implants is designed in such a way that a bone graft can be avoided. The shape of the subsequent tooth prosthesis is already loaded into the planning program at this early stage. An impression of your jaws and model of your teeth by the dental prosthetics lab supplies the necessary information.

Sofortimplantat München

Navigated surgery & prosthodontics

Once the position of the implants has been determined based on your individual jaw anatomy and the prostheses that are to be immediately placed, a customized surgery template is printed in a 3-D printer.

Placement of the implants is thus navigated and computer-supported. Implants are placed at precisely the pre-determined position. Specialty implants are used that can be anchored into the bone with a degree of stability and fastness that allows immediate use of the prosthesis.

In many cases, all this can be achieved with only 4 implants. In some instances, additional implants are required to ensure treatment safety.

Successfully executing this method requires expertise in this approach, high surgical competency, and, especially, experience in dental prosthetics.

Careful examination, personal consultation, and an experienced team of surgeons, prosthodontists, and dental technicians are the deciding factors in a safe and successful treatment outcome.