Feel better, speak better, look better, live freely… recapture the feeling of having normal teeth

Nothing could replace your own teeth … until dental implants came along.

A healthy tooth is natural and irreplaceable. It is worth your while to maintain your oral health throughout your lifetime with today’s advancements in mouth hygiene and prophylaxis. However, should you lose a tooth, we can often help with a dental implant.

Implants made from well-tolerated titanium or zirconium can assume the function of an artificial dental root and thus serve to fill individual spaces or replace several teeth. In this process, the tooth replacement is placed in the form of individual teeth or a bridge without neighboring healthy teeth having to be ground down. Because the implant is weight-bearing like a natural dental root, natural bone loss is avoided. Implants may still be placed even many years following tooth loss. Dental implants provide several benefits: they are fixed and secure; they have no dietary restrictions; they are painless, and they feel like your own teeth. No one can distinguish an implant from natural teeth. Not even you. Speak and laugh without worrying about anything shifting or falling out.

Ill-fitting dentures or other prostheses are now a thing of the past. By using implants, prostheses can be either fixed or removable. Both options always provide a solid hold. In this way, even upper or lower jaws without teeth can receive fixed replacements. There is no maximum age limit to getting dental implants, provided that the implant receiver is in good general health. The minimum age limit is defined by the end of the growing phase during the teenage years. Fixed teeth and fixed tooth replacements provide valuable quality of life. No longer do you have to worry about your teeth, and you are free to eat whatever your heart desires. Dental implants come very close to natural teeth both visually and functionally, and, aesthetically, outstanding results are possible.

Every tooth implantation represents a surgical intervention that entails many considerations: but today, implantation is no longer a trial procedure like it was 30 years ago. Today it is a safe and proven treatment process!  Dental implantology is the specialty of our practice. Collectively, we have more than 45 years of experience and have placed thousands of dental implants. Our center is committed to therapy that follows established guidelines and is evidence-based!

Maintainance of you dental implants

Dental implants have been successfully placed for several decades. Studies and our own research show that 92 out of 100 implants can last more than 10 years or even longer. To ensure that you achieve similar results, you should take the following to heart:

Smoking is one of the greatest risks of implant loss. You should therefore quit smoking. During all phases of treatment, thorough cleaning and care of the implant is especially important. Your own daily oral hygiene routine is vitally important for your dental implant! Equally important are regular visits to our dental practice, the so-called follow-up appointments. How often you should come back is a decision we will make together, depending on your personal risk profile. During these visits, implants, teeth, and gums are checked and professionally cleaned. Especially areas that are difficult to reach on your own at home are cleaned during these sessions. Professional implant cleaning and dental hygiene is more involved and takes a little longer than regular teeth cleanings. It should therefore only be performed by specialty-trained personnel and requires more equipment. Very good oral hygiene, smoking cessation, and regular follow-up visits at the dental practice contribute to the longevity of your dental implant.